The Parable of The Three Mansions: A Lesson in Ego, Part 1

by The Asian Casanova on February 14, 2012

Parable of the Three Mansions

A wandering traveler came to the port of Arumia. This was the richest city in all the mainland. Everyone born in Arumia was considered by all to be a child of the angels, and blessed with great power beyond this world. The reputation of a Arumian man reached all the ends of the earth, and many traveled far and wide to praise and give gifts.

The women of nearby town of Belvina were the most beautiful of all women. They were perpetual virgins, who could carry no diseases, and never aged more than a half-dozen years past adulthood. The women of Belvina would come from house to house to please all the men, and revel in their majesty. Anything the men would desire, they would fulfill, and thank the owner of the house for the privilege.

While walking through the wonders of decadent abundance, the wandering traveler stopped by a hill of three beautiful mansions. Each man was sitting on his porch sitting in a comfortable chair.

The first mansion stretched into the sky. Its walls were encrusted in glistening pearls, and along walkway stretched a beautiful royal purple carpet.

The wandering traveler said hello to the owner of the house and asked, “Who is your favorite Belvinian woman?”

The owner of the mansion hung his head in sadness. “It has been close to a ten whole years since one has come inside.”

The wandering traveler responded, “But all men of Arumia are considered royal kings to Belvinian women. How can this be?”

The owner of the mansion said, “It is my pet Kukuu over there.” He pointed to an eight foot tall monkey-like creature trembling in the corner. He was smelly, bony, and very unpleasant to look at. He had stained, dirty teeth, and wide sunken eyes.

The wandering traveler looked at the Kukuu and put forth a question, “May I ask, what do you feed him?”

The owner answered, “Oh, the usual diet of insults, disgust, and disdain. I let him know how pathetic and hopeless he is. I also tell him how little he’s accomplished in life. He gobbles it right up, and always wants more. Of course it’s not helpful when the Belvinian women come.”

The wandering traveler listened and asked, “What happens then?”

The owner answered, “The spoiled brat has gotten so used to me feeding him, that he asks for the same treatment from the women, of course. They walk to my gate, and my Kukuu walks up, growls, and won’t let them inside. He barks at them until they feed him insults, disgust and disdain, and by the time he’s fed, the women have wandered off to the next mansion.”

The wandering traveler nodded, “And so it is,” and walked on.

He came to the second house, a mansion full of wonder. There were exquisite statues of angels, a stunning marble wall, and fire lights that burned without fuel.

The wandering traveler came to the owner of this mansion, and asked the same question as in the first mansion, “Who is your favorite of the Belvinian women?”

The owner answered with a sigh, “It has been a very long time since one has come inside. I’ve begun to forget what it feels like, unfortunately.”

The wandering traveler looked around at the breathtaking mansion, freshly cut grass, and gleaming window glass. “Why have they not come?”

The owner answered, “It’s my pet kukuu, beautiful thing, isn’t he?” Leo looked at the eight foot monkey-like creature in the corner. He had a vibrant color, gleaming white teeth, and soft beautiful fur. He was smiling and jumping with glee.

The wandering traveler asked “What do you feed him to get him this way?”

The owner proudly answered, “The best diet anyone could have, compliments, praise, and I make sure to tell him how much better he is than all the other kukuu in the land.”

The wandering traveler went further, “Well, then, how do the Belvinian women like him?”

“Ayy, that’s the problem,” the owner began. “My sindra is spoiled so he comes up to them and wishes to get the same compliments, praise and all else they can offer. He gets very close to them, desperately barking for more of his favorite food, and scares them off. He comes back rejected, weaker, and even smaller, so of course I feed him again like a good master until he feels better.”

The wandering traveler nodded, “And so it is,” and walked on.

Finally, the wandering traveler arrived at a strangely more humble looking mansion compared to the first two. There were no pearl encrusted walls and everlasting fire lights. The grass was a touch on the unkempt side. The mansion overall wasn’t even as big as the other two, yet there was a homeliness to it that made it feel comfortable. The man in his comfortable chair sitting outside welcomed the wandering traveler in as he walked by.

“And who is your favorite Belvinian woman?” The wandering traveler asked.

The owner answered, “I love them all. Each has unparalleled beauty, expressed in their own way. It’s always a new adventure, and I relish every one.”

The wandering traveler smiled. “Have you no pet kukuu?”

The owner answered, “Of course I do, in fact I don’t think it is possible to ever lose him. I’ve tried to set him free, but he always comes back.”

Leo looked around, “Where is he, and what do you feed him?”

The owner chuckled, “You have answered your own question, my lad. I don’t feed him at all. He was two feet tall at one time, but then I just decided he had grown enough. Slowly, but surely he got smaller and smaller. Once in a while I’ll hear his cries for food of some sort, be it praise, or disapproval, but I just smile at him and let him be. He is now smaller than a blade of grass, so the Belvinian women just step over him. Some of them think I don’t even have one,” he chuckled again.

The wandering traveler smiled bigger.

The owner said, “I won’t keep you, but it’s like this with more than just the Belvinians. The miners of Meadow Wood come to bring me gold and diamonds. They have more than enough for every house in Belvinian many times over, but there are few that will let them enter. It is this way with the fortune tellers of the Far East as well, who bring potions for immortal health.

“We like to think we own the kukuu as pets, but some would say they rule us, especially when they grow so large. Every once in a while I forget and let him have a little food, and he starts growing again. But I can always just put him back on his old diet, and he’s fine. Well I must get back to the festivities. Good day, lad.”

The wandering traveler smiled again. “And so it is,” and walked on.

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