RE: White Women Will Not Approach Asian Men (So Stop Wishing For It)

by The Asian Casanova on October 8, 2012

I’m always trying to keep my finger on the pulse of the Asian man’s dating world and so the other day I stumbled into this video below…

Take a look real quick at the ratings…

What did you think when you first read the title?

Did you feel anger, resentment, etc?

Ask yourself this, did you even watch the video?

A lot of these guys that thumbed down and commented on the video didn’t even watch the video.

Let’s be clear: This video is not about her (the white girl) hating on Asian guys at all. In fact I’m pretty sure she’s dated Asians before.

So what does this all mean about the Asian male  community?

There is a TON of resentment in the Asian male community. Its been hidden, repressed, for a long time. Its part of the reason I created

I’ll be honest, not the best title, but its not an excuse for the lashback.

To my Asian brothers…

Stop thinking that white girls aren’t attracted to Asian men. It has NOTHING to do with being Asian, but it has everything to do with the characteristics you have.

Ignore the movies, media, and all the bullshit media stereotypes about Asian men. It means nothing.

I’ve dated MANY white girls and I can tell you its all about how you make them feel about you.

Read my blog post: How Being Asian Affects Dating for more insight.

White girls are just like any other girl, they love confidence,  masculinity, and sexuality. Develop attractive traits, and you will attract women regardless of your size, looks, or bank account.

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