Know What You Want Before She Can Want You

by The Asian Casanova on February 11, 2012

How often do you find yourself wondering what YOU can do to get and keep the girl of your dreams?

Now, how often do you find yourself wondering  what king of qualities your dream girl should have or what she should do?

It is incredibly common for guys to focus all their energy on making themselves the “dream guy” by making themselves as desirable or attractive as possible, whether this be making as much money as possible, gaining status, gaining muscles, etc.

What’s worse is that this carries over into their relationships, if one even starts. They worry all day and night about fulfilling the woman’s needs. They caudal to their every desire and bend over backwards whenever they can.

Well it’s time to wake the fuck up, because this one attitude that plagues men today is what holds them back from getting and keeping the girls they want.

Guys think that they can just be “nice” and do things for her and that’s what makes her happy. It does not work that way. Girl’s aren’t attracted to a guy because he does nice things. Girls are more attracted to a guy who knows what HE WANTS.

Honestly, as a guy, do you not realize that you are your own person too, that you are a valuable man? Does it ever occur to you that girl no matter how hot she is, should fulfill your expectations and desires as well? That hot girl you’ve been drooling over… guess what? She is no better than you. Why the hell you being nice to her for no reason? Make the girls you meet EARN what you have to offer.

There is a difference between being compassionate, and simply being a weak push over who caudal to someone else’s every need. Know what you want.

Make a list, jot down 5 qualities that you want your dream girl to have. Have a thought experiment, imagine that you could have any hot girl on the planet, what would you want other than attractive looks? Go deep… do you want her to be cultured? Do you want her to have an appreciation for science? Do you want her to be intellectual? Do you want her to get your dorky humor? Think about it, write it down. You are a valuable man, she should value you.

Now, I’m not saying to be a selfish asshole. I’m saying approach the girl as your equal. She’s not an angel, she’s not a princess , she’s not a unicorn, she’s nothing but a new adventure…. UNTIL she proves herself worthy of being more than that.

Date girls, have sex with them, decide AFTERWARDS how much you want to invest yourself in a relationship. But be HONEST with them, don’t lead girls on whom you don’t want to be in a relationship with. Remember a Casanova’s #1 golden rule, always leave the girls better off than you found them. You are a value giver, not a taker.

Anyways, figure out what you want from a girl before you can expect any girl to want you.

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Bobbo August 9, 2011 at 2:45 pm

Heck of a job there, it absoultley helps me out.


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