How to Attract Women Without Money, Good Looks, or a Huge Penis

by The Asian Casanova on February 25, 2012

“You’re ugly!” Jessica said to me, as she grinded her ass against my crotch on the dance floor.

Her hand was creeping its way into my pants. Jessica was going to be fun tonight.

It’s not uncommon that a woman will make funny comments like that. And if you want to understand how to attract women, you will have to learn to be indifferent and not take girls so damn to attract women

I’ll tell you what I did to get this girl from ignoring me, to shoving her hand down my pants in a moment.

For now, take a moment to imagine a familiar situation…

On a warm summer day, you see an incredibly sexy, hot, beautiful, girl walking by you in a mall for instance. Her long blonde hair (I like blonds ;p) and  her tight firm ass and breasts just sucking in the attention from all the guys around her, both married and single.

Now imagine trying to even think of the silly idea of attracting a woman like this. Let’s be honest, you think the idea is silly.

“How could she ever be attracted to me? I’m like a ingrown toenail compared to her.”

“She’d only be into rich high status guys that drive private jets around the world.”

“She’d only like guys with big ripped bodies, like those dudes from Jersey Shore.”

Heck, the girl might night be even be a playboy model, maybe she’s just the average cute girl next door and you might still feel this way.

But either way, this opens up the biggest mysteries of the universe, “How do you attract women like these?”

Let’s break it down, keep on reading my would-be Casanova!

How to attract women | Do I need money and good looks?

I’m not going to lie, good looks, money… and maybe a huge penis might make things easier for you. But life is seldom easy, is it? And if attracting women was easy, you wouldn’t be here.

There was a time where I thought like most guys.

I thought the way my parents raised me.

I thought the way my friends thought.

And ultimately, I went along with the media and society advertised since the very die I was born.

That was, to attract beautiful women, you need money, power, fame, status, good looks, a nice car, and big muscles. These things were so ingrained in my psyche that it was impossible for me to comprehend the crazy idea that an average looking dude with an unspectacular body, and unspectacular bank account could attract gorgeous women.

But… through a strange twist of fate, I learned the complete opposite.

Through thousands of intense observations and first hand experiences, I learned and uncovered some shocking discoveries that shattered my notion of attraction and what really triggers attraction in women.

But before I continue, and to reference my point at the beginning of the post, all those stereotypical things that are supposed to attract women do matter, they just don’t matter that much.

More specifically.. 

They are NOT the defining factors in determining attraction in women. So there was a mixture of bad news and good news in what I just said. The bad news is that yes, they do play a factor, the good news is that the degree that they matter is much less than you once thought. But here’s the really good news, you can learn what really matters. These are the inner-beliefs, social skills, and seduction skills that any guy can learn that will grant them the ability and reality to attract women.

What attracts women?

what attracts women?If good looks and money aren’t the defining factors in attracting women, what the heck is?

It could be this one thing, or that factor… but in reality, it is a collection of factors all varying in degrees of importance depending on the girl.

However, there is a reoccurring pattern that I have seen by hanging out with guys who were super successful with women and through my thousands of interactions with women.

I’ll take this moment to highly suggest reading my post: 10 Uncomfortable Truths About Sex and Dating.

I guarantee that you will learn a thing or two about how to attract women.

Anyways, it’s time to introduce you to…

Principle #1: Not all women are the same

A lot of times a lot of would-be “gurus” will try to jam some “special” method to attract women down your throat, but this will fail miserably most of the time, except on a handful of girls.

Whats happening here?

Not all women respond the same way.

  • Some women are shy and are scared of aggressive moves.
  • Some women are super confident and need someone who is more confident, thus, more aggressive.
  • Some girls are intellectuals and need a man who can hold a conversation.


Some girls are a mixture of all the above.

An 18 year old woman who loves partying and going to Vegas is going to want and react to things way differently than a 28 year old woman who wants to settle down and start a family.

You have to adapt

As my martial arts idol, Bruce Lee, once said, “Be like water.

So what does this mean?

You’ll have to learn to be aggressive. You’ll have to learn to carry a good conversation. You’ll have to learn to show vulnerability. You will have to learn a lot, and you’ll have to learn when the appropriate times are to do X, Y, Z. However, there are some qualities that all women will find attractive. And I’ll get into that, right now.

Principle #2: Women are attracted to leaders

I’m about to get burned at the stake for breaking political correctness with what I’m about to say next, but it’s important if you want to know how to attract women, so read on.

Women naturally tend to be more indecisive then men. There’s always a million different things going on in a woman’s mind, and it is up to you as a man to help them out by leading and making the decisions.

You don’t have to lead and decide all the time, if they’re really excited about something they want you to do or try, it’s okay. Just realize that more often than not, a woman’s mind is in a state of chaos. It’s up to you to help calm down that chaos and lead her.

You lead the way.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a woman or hung out with enough women, then you’ll absolutely know what I’m talking about! So this principle of being the decisive leader permeates to every part of the interaction with a girl. Be honest with yourself if this sounds like you…

Pussyboy: “babe…hmm, what food are you in the mood for?”

Girlfriend: “babe, I don’t really know, doesn’t matter to me”

Pussyboy: “baby , I don’t either. What do you want, you can pick”

GF: “I said it doesn’t matter to me, you pick”

Pussyboy: “ errrm, I don’t know, umm.. how about pizza?”

GF: “You know I don’t like pizza. Pick something else”

Pussyboy: “umm baby, well, I don’t know, sushi?”

GF: “No… I’m not really in the mood for fish”

Pussyboy:”Umm, I don’t know, I gave you 2 choices, do you have any suggestions?”

GF: “I don’t know. I’m just going to eat some cereal”

Pussyboy: “Huh, what? But… let’s go somewhere… we’ll go to that ‘expensive restaurant’ you like?”

GF:” We are going there for dinner this Saturday, with Bob and Jill”

Do you see how retarded that is? I know, I’ve been there before, so don’t feel too bad. But you need to make a damn decision. Help the girl out. This is how this conversation goes with a real leader:

BF: “Hey baby, get dressed I am hungry!” GF: “Where are we going” BF: “this neat little Greek place, you’ll like it” GF: OK! (or “well I don’t know”) BF: “Today I pick, you pick tomorrow. We are going”

Done deal, see how easier this makes life?

 Principle #3: How you feel about yourself dictates how she will feel about you

Have you ever been in a presentation, whether it’s for your job or when you were in school, and you’re watching a nervous presenter?

Doesn’t watching a nervous speaker who’s not speaking clearly and confidently, make you uncomfortable? That feeling that the speaker is feeling themselves is projected onto you…

Ultimately, you feel what the speaker feels… uncomfortable. What makes it worst, especially is that the speaker feels that the audience is somewhat uncomfortable which then makes the speaker EVEN MORE nervous.

Now try to remember what it’s like being in the presence of a super confident and energetic speaker… someone on the level of Tony Robins for example.

When a speaker like Tony Robins speaks, he is beaming with confidence and energy, you just can’t help but feel emersed   in his warm blanket of confidence, energy, and positivity.

This concept is no different when it comes to the dating world and understanding how to attract beautiful women.

This kind of social energy is contagious.

Now we’re ready to talk about confidence. This is precisely why confidence is important, it directly affects people around you even without saying a damn thing.

How do people tell? How is this energy transmitted?

It’s all about body language.

What sort of body language are women attracted to?

  • Walk like you are a gladiator.
  • You do not hesitate when you move.
  • You do not make fast and hyper movements.
  • You are relaxed, not tense. Confident people are relaxed.

attracting beautiful womenThose are just some examples. Think James Bond, think Russell Crow in The Gladiator, think Brad Pitt. You get the idea.

Principle #4: Sexual tension

Now let me ask you something.

Do you want to get really good at making women laugh?

Do you want to get really good at talk to to women?


Do you want to get good at getting sex?

It’s okay if you want more than sex, which will naturally happen after you get a lot of it.

But realize this:

Women will put you into the gay friend zone the more you focus on being funny and “Mr. Conversationalist.”

Realize that the sooner you have sex, the better your chances are to actually get into a relationship with the woman, if that’s what you want.

So let’s get back to sexual tension.

This is the natural tension that exists between every man and woman. This happens on a biological level.

Deep down inside you know you want to have sex with the attractive woman you are talking to. And deep down inside, if she doesn’t  immediately feel that way about you, she knows or unconsciously knows that you, as a natural normal man, could have sexual desire for her.

You need to be very aware of this and learn to be comfortable increasing this tension.

In fact, this is super powerful to attracting women.

This is the single biggest difference between the man that has a lot of sex and the man that does not.

How to attract women | Steps to attracting beautiful women

You’ve just read through the most important principles in attracting beautiful women.

Hopefully by now you realize that women are different. They don’t react to the same things in the same way.

I also hope that you understand how important it is to lead. Not only with women, but I hope you take this concept with you throughout your life.

And I also hope you understand how you feel about yourself directly affects women and all people you interact with.

Last, but definitely not least, I hope you realize the importance of sexual tension.

In fact the last principle is so important that if you were to forget everything else I said, at least remember sexual tension.

You need to be able to maintain and increase sexual tension  between you and the woman. This is the only way to have more women in your life other than a “just friends” basis.

The e-book that contains the road-map that took me years of blood, sweat, and tears to figure out… yours FREE.

Now that you understand the importance of these principles, I hope you’re in a better place where you’re ready to take ACTION and actually attract the beautiful women you deeply crave.

I just released an e-book that gives you a 21 day crash course with laser targeted information that you can immediately use to start attracting women.

The e-book takes you through practical things that you can start doing right now starting from day 1 and ending on day 21 where you’ll have your first date.

You’ll learn everything I’ve learned and tried myself, which took many years to figure out through painful trail and error.

One condition

I need your help. If you can tweet, Facebook like, and Google Plus this article, I’d be super grateful for your help in spreading the word.

In return, you will get the best damn guide to attracting and dating beautiful women. And you’ll get it completely free.

Thanks for reading, comment and ask me questions below!

-The Asian Casanova

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