How a Super Nerd Went From Raiding Dungeons to Dating a Model

by The Asian Casanova on February 24, 2012

Many guys have asked me, “Is really possible for them to date models?” I simply tell them the story of Edwin. This is the story of how he went from raiding dungeons in World of Warcraft to dating a model.

How I Went From Raiding Dungeons To Dating A Model

Written by Edwin

“I’m sorry Kayla… I hope we can still be friends.”

As the words lingered in the air, I suddenly realized the absurdity of the situation.

3 months ago, I didn’t even think it was a possible for a guy like me to get Kayla’s phone number unless my credit card number came as part of the package.

Kayla is a yoga instructor and part-time model for Guess jeans.

She’s the kind of girl that causes car crashes because guys are breaking their necks checking her out.

And now it’s gotten to the point between us where I have to tell her those same words I’ve been told my whole life.

Life is ironic sometimes isn’t it?

But I’m getting ahead of myself — let’s start at the beginning.

The 25-Year Old Virgin

25 year old virgin

2 weeks before my 25th birthday

A few months ago, I was the poster child for “guy who doesn’t get laid.”

The sad part was it wasn’t just an expression, I literally did not get laid in my first 25 years of life.

I’ve always been introverted, and all my friends are pretty much the same as me.

We all played video games together every day for a few hours after work.

Even when I was in college, I spent most of my time raiding in WoW or studying for school.

I had a few female friends, but when I asked them out, it always ended up in “Sorry, I just don’t see you in that way.

Those moments were some of the most crushing in my life, so I didn’t exactly keep trying.

That all changed on my 25th birthday though…

The Most Rude Awakening Of My Life

Me in my past life

My 25th birthday didn’t start off any different than any other day.  I went to work, came home, and then logged on World of Warcraft.  My friends and guild-mates wished me happy birthday, and I went to take a quick piss.

As I washed my hands and looked myself in the mirror, it really hit me that I was now 25.  I looked at myself in the mirror and felt like something was dreadfully wrong.

Here I am halfway to 30, almost out of my prime… and I was still a virgin.

Even my other friends who played games online with me had gotten laid in college.  I was the only virgin I knew.

The weight of this realization almost sent me to tears.

It was hard to admit to myself, but this whole girl business was something I couldn’t leave up to chance any more.

I was going to get laid or die trying.

Plunge Into The Pick-Up Pool

The best way to get good at something new is to throw yourself into it 100% and learn from people better than you, so I quickly dived into the “seduction community”.

I found David Deangelo’s stuff, some Mystery stuff, RSD, Pickup 101, Ross Jeffries, and about a million other guru’s.

I spent the next few weeks reading everything under the sun regarding women and how to get them.

It was insane how much stuff was out there.  Even worse, a lot of advice seemed to contradict different advice given by others (and sometimes themselves!).

I figured I’d start small, just to be able to talk to a girl I didn’t already know.

Information Overload Paralysis

One common theme throughout all the material I read was that doing something by going out and taking action was the most important thing.  So of course, I decided that was exactly what I was going to do.

There was just one problem — As soon as I stepped out to talk to girls, my brain would freeze.  There were so many rules of what I was supposed to say, the body language I was supposed to have, my tonality, my frame, etc. that I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.

I came to the realization very quickly that reading and learning all that stuff may have hurt me more than it helped.

Now I was questioning my every move before I would even make one.

I had to keep some sort of mental encyclopedia of all the things I need to say, think, do, or make her believe about me to impress her.

The same result every time?  Not being able to do a damn thing.

How could it be possible for me to know so much and yet literally be able to do nothing at all?

At this point, I found about the dark side of the pick-up community.

The Dark Side Of The Force

At around the same time, I found a site called puahate.  It’s a site dedicated to hating on pick-up artist guru’s by scamming guys with theoretical advice that they themselves couldn’t get to work.

I was curious as to why there was a site like this, so I took a look at the site.  After reading a few of the threads there, it confirmed much of what I had already suspected:

Most information out there never had any basis and doesn’t make a difference in your life.

Is it any wonder that thousands of dollars later, I had actually gotten worse when talking to women?

Feeling dejected, I kept reading more and more about these scam artists.

What caught my eye was that there were a couple threads here and there that weren’t bashing on pick-up artists, mostly centered around some guy called 60 years of challenge .

I kept seeing multiple people all over the site talking about how his material had changed their lives in only a few months.

So it begged the question — why is it that this guy is actually getting praise on a site dedicated to hate against pick-up artists?

The Decision That Changed Everything

After spending a few thousand on bullshit products that were more theoretical than useful, I was wary of getting scammed again.

Even more than the waste of money, I HATED the feeling that someone got the better of me and scammed me.

So I did my homework.  I googled 60 years of challenge review and saw that he had overwhelmingly positive reviews all over the place all over the internet.

I read through about 25 detailed reviews of why 60′s system worked for them. (I hate dumb fanboy praise like “he rocks!”)

Doing some research, I saw that his most recent product was targeted to beginners and it was called “Get Her Number In 23 Seconds Without Rejection”.

I definitely saw the value in getting many numbers from girls you don’t already know, but I was a bit skeptical that it was possible to do so in 23 seconds, much less without risking rejection.

There was one thing on his product page that really jumped out at me, and that is the analogy he used that he is a simple keymaker.

In other words, either he is going to teach me how to “get a girl’s number in 23 seconds without risking rejection” or he won’t — there’s no in-between.

Therefore, if so many people were singing his praises, his products most likely live up to their billing.

I saw that the book was a 10 minute read, so I knew I could read it in one sitting and worst case return it right after if it wasn’t good.

So I downloaded the report, and finished the entire thing in about 15 minutes.

It was extremely straightforward, no fluff, and in terms of content — I knew exactly what I needed to do.  The report gave me a logical plan of action to try it out.

I took 15 minutes to order the one prop in his report that makes the method work, and I waited for 3 days until it came in the mail.

Curious about 60 years of challenge? Click here to check out the official page!

The 60 Seconds That Started It All

When everything was ready, I got ready to go out.  I decided to go to my local mall on Saturday afternoon for the most amount of people.

I knew from experience that walking around looking for people just made me psyche myself out.

So Saturday afternoon, I went over, and I started to feel the same feelings come up where I started to doubt myself.

I was pretty nervous, it seemed like there were pretty girls all over.

My brain kept asking me why any of them would ever want to be with me.

There was one thing that kept me from losing it, and it’s because 60′s method for getting numbers is so simple that there’s only 2 possible things she can say from the tactic.

In other words, I felt confident I knew how the entire conversation was going to go from beginning to end.

I had studied the exact transcriptions of both possible conversations from the resources section of the report… so I felt confident enough to go and get things started.

Needless to say, I saw a girl sitting by herself at Starbucks reading, and I decided to go over and get things started.

All I really remember is commenting on the book she was reading and then following the script.  I walked away in a daze right after.

I couldn’t believe it, because I realized I had just done 2 things in 1 minute that I had never been able to do in my life before:

Talk to a new girl without being drunk or having others force me to

My First Number (Yes, I still have it in my phone for historical purposes)

No way.  It couldn’t be that easy…  I mean I knew beforehand that the method is setting her up so that offering her number half a minute in to me is the only natural course of action for her, but seeing it go exactly according to plan was a mindfreak.

For the first time in a long time, I felt hope again.  I felt that this was something I could do.  I went nuts the next 2 hours… I continued the method and ended up with 6 numbers from talking to 10 girls.

Accelerated Growth

I ended up meeting up with one of the girls I talked to early the next week.

When I saw her in person, she looked even more hot than she was when I met her at the mall. (Duh, what girl doesn’t get more dressed up when they go out vs. the mall?)

We had some great conversation and such, but I realized I didn’t have the slightest clue how to progress things with her.  Eventually the conversation became sporadic and awkward for about 45 minutes, and then she left.

Afterwards, I was crushed.  I realized that I still had a lot to learn.  Sure, I could get numbers — but now I had to learn how to turn those numbers into sex or a girlfriend.

Later that night, I sat down and took a listen to the bonus seminar that came with the program I bought from 60.  It’s a seminar he did that describes how he approaches the game from beginning to end.

The ideas on it were pretty revolutionary compared to the stuff I’d heard so far in the community, and the paradigm shift I had from listening to it blew me away.

He gave a very condensed version of his system, but the entire seminar was only 90 minutes, so I was left with a lot of questions on a lot of specifics.

Seeing how he had gotten me more results from 7 dollars and 15 minutes of reading than the other gurus had been able to do with weeks and thousands of dollars, I naturally looked for his flagship product.

There was a link in the resources section of the book to a video which doubles as a promo video for the “Complete Game Revision System” and also teaches a pretty interesting twist on the handshake.

There was also a great demo video in there of some of his previous students live in action.  It actually got me pretty pumped up.

Anyway, at the end of the video, he gave a link to purchase his “Complete Game Revision System”, which is broken into 4 books: starting conversations, escalation, getting sexual, and covering relationships with (multiple) women.

On the checkout page, I noticed some pretty inspiring testimonials from his past students.  Maybe it’s just me, but for the audio one, I could literally hear the difference in the dude’s confidence in his voice from when he started to when he finished the program.

Downloaded the stuff right away and signed up for his monthly mentoring program.  There was a great getting started guide that broke down how to use the system.  There was also a cheatsheet that breaks down each stage of the seduction into a sort of “cliff-notes”.

5 Dates In 2 Hours

I decided to start off with “Women Ignition”, the first book first.  I figured the less information I was exposed to about stuff I didn’t need to know yet, the better.

I was already able to get a decent amount of numbers, but I wanted to see if the book would be useful to me.

I finished reading it in about 3 hours, and I felt like I learned a bunch of things that I could immediately put to practice that would get me more solid numbers.

I went out Friday evening after work to the mall to try out what I had learned.  I ended up getting 15 numbers in 2 hours from talking to 20 girls (one of them in front of 7 of her girl friends!  Social momentum is amazing!).

I booked 5 dates for next Monday-Friday.  The important part was, I was already done with the first book.

I felt like I had a pretty good handle on the concepts in the first book, so I moved onto reading Fearless Relentless Escalation.  After all, next week I had 5 pretty girls waiting for me!

The Death Of The Virgin

I skimmed through the entire Fearless Relentless Escalation book before my first date on Monday, because I didn’t have time to read the whole thing.  Regardless, the date went much better this time.  I was not nearly as nervous as last time.

After the date, I went straight home and flipped open the book and cheatsheet like 60 recommends.  As I began reading through it, the things I did wrong (or more specifically the things I didn’t do) started popping out at me.

I can’t even count the amount of times that first night where I’d read through a section, hit myself in the forehead, and then tell myself “of course, duh”.  It was good for the soul though, because I knew exactly what I needed to do tomorrow to get better results.

The next day was more progress, this time I ended up making out with the girl (my first makeout in the game!), but she didn’t want to have sex on the first date.  Once again, the first thing I did when i went home was re-read the cheat-sheet.

This, in my opinion, is one of the best parts of the course… if you go out and practice, you can come back and the cheat-sheet is almost like a checklist.  You always know exactly why and where you failed if you did not get the result you wanted.

Over the next few days, I’m not 100% sure what happened inside me, but all I know is a combination of my experiences that week, the material, and his blog helped me to get to this moment where I really understood his anti-manifesto.

My view on women completely changed.

I realized there was no longer any reason to be scared of rejection.

I began to starting acting like a seducer and not like a pick-up artist.

I took my date on Thursday to the local fair in town.

And that night the 25-year old virgin finally died.

death of the 25 year old virgin

After 25 long years…

The Knight Storms The Nightclub

After that week, I decided I was going to try my hand at clubs.  I’ve always hated them because they were loud and annoying and full of drunk people.  I couldn’t understand why people liked them.

Reading around the internet a bit, it seems like most others who had success with 60′s program was mostly with club game, with some people even saying that his system only works with club game. (Yeah right lol)

I knew I wanted to get more practice and date hotter girls, and all signs pointed towards going to the clubs to refine my game.

I finished reading “Simply Start Sex” that weekend, and some of the stuff in there just totally blew me away.  It really helped anchor my newfound beliefs, and it had some of these killer tactics for getting around last minute resistance once we’re back at her place or mine.

For example, the boxer trick probably would have single-handedly turned my date last Tuesday into sex.

Combining the entire sex escalation ladder rung, there’s no way I wouldn’t have sealed the deal.

On Friday I hit up the most popular club.

It was pretty intimidating at first, especially since I wasn’t used to the environment, but 60 did a good job of outlining how to get started in these crazy environments, so I managed to get started quickly.

The first thing I noticed was just how many ridiculously hot girls were around.  That definitely got my blood pumping.

Practice is insanely fast in the club.  Everything is sped up more, and now I saw why it’s so important to be operating from that realization that escalation is the most attractive thing you could ever do.

I saw other guys trying to hit on girls drunk, and even with liquid courage they were acting scared of getting rejected still.

Sent a couple of chills down my spine, that was me not even 4 weeks ago… now I couldn’t even bear to watch it happen in others.

All in all, I got 7 good numbers that night even though my attempts to get them to come back with me failed, but I was pretty impressed with my first experience in nightlife.  The girls are way hotter.

With my new motivation, the next night I went out and managed to get a grand total of one number.

She was a tall, skinny, and blonde fashion designer working for H&M.

She gave me her number in the morning as she left my apartment.

A Starving Somalian At A Buffet

I guess you could say that after spending so much of my life a virgin, all I wanted to do was make up for lost time.

I continued going out hard every single day of the week.

I had dates Monday-Thursday, I was going out Friday and Saturday nights, and I would save Sunday for getting numbers for the next week if I didn’t get enough during the weekend.

By the end of the week I had slept with 4 new girls, and because I had so many texts from previous girls wanting to meet up… I didn’t have to spend any of the other 3 nights alone either.

The week after this was even more crazy… with me ending with 5 new girls for that week alone, bringing my total count up to 11 new girls in 17 days.

My life was also starting to get wildly out of balance.

I would go to work, get out at 5, meet up with a girl at 6:30, have dinner drinks and sex till 1 or 2 AM (calling another girl to come over if I couldn’t seal the deal with that one that night), then spending most of the day at work re-reading the both Fearless Relentless Escalation and Simply Start Sex.

Juggling Chainsaws

I began to read “Relationship Roulette” the following week, and boy am I glad 60 included that in his system.  It was insanity the progress I made that quickly, and I felt like I was quickly losing touch with reality.

My work was suffering, I was constantly tired from sleeping 5 hours a night, and I was starting to deal with girls who got upset at me for not responding to their calls and texts.

I felt so overwhelmed with what was going on.  With how simple things were getting for me, it was hard to believe that I was ever a virgin… especially not 4 weeks ago.

The concepts in Relationship Roulette really helped.  His 2 month test for a girlfriend struck a chord with me, and I knew I had to begin cleaning house.

And I guess that takes us back to the beginning of my story.

Kayla was the first girl who I had to cut ties with.  I decided to date only 3 of the ones I liked best using 60′s 2 month plan.

It was pretty rough cutting ties with a lot of these girls that I still liked, but I knew I had to get my life back together.

So I did it, and I began to spend much more quality time with the 3 girls I chose to date.

It didn’t work out with one of them about a month in and I really saw the wisdom of 60′s 2 month plan.

I was still going out 1 day a week to keep my options open, and I replaced her in the rotation with a new girl.

Living The Impossible Life

At the conclusion of 2 months, I already knew which one I wanted to date exclusively, and I decided to make her my girlfriend.

She’s a registered nurse at the city hospital, is ridiculously hot, and most importantly has a dorky side that we click on everything we talk about.

I think more than anything, after finishing 60′s program, what I got most out of it was not the chance to have sex with a ton of girls or getting a hot girlfriend — no, not at all.

The most valuable thing that I got is just this sense of peace and fulfillment… because I now know that I willnever have to be alone or worry about not having a wonderful woman in my life.

I made this site specifically to encourage others who’ve been scammed by the community and are ready for finding the road to success with women.

Like you, I reached a point not too long ago… where I just had to ask myself: “If I know this will get results, what do I have to lose?”

The answer was my virginity and so much more.

Get the Complete Game System That Changed Edwin’s Life Forever

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