Dating Coaches Are Scam Artists

by The Asian Casanova on February 3, 2012

Scam Artists, not Pick-Up Arists.

The simple fact is, paying for a dating coach is no different from throwing your money down the toilet.

I’ve helped many friends out and have seen incredible transformation occur. But what makes the biggest difference in those that fully transform themselves and succeed at dating beautiful women versus people who constantly struggle to make any progress, is a simple, raw. unyielding drive to succeed.

People choose dating coaches because they are too lazy to do the hard work themselves. It’s so much easier to have someone else tell you what to do verses figuring out things for yourself. Sorry, but when it comes to the dating world… you are promoting yourself. So don’t think you can cheat and not put in the work into developing yourself.

No one can change you, only you can.

Let me tell you the only thing valuable a dating coach does. When he takes you out into the dating field (bars, clubs, bookstores, wherever you can meet women)  this is what he does: He points at a girl for you, and tells you to approach her. If you pussy out and hesitate, he will probably give you a nudge and maybe yell at you like your daddy.

That is to say, that a dating coach is external coercion/motivation towards getting you to approach a girl. That’s it.

You may be wondering right now, “But what about all the awesome guru dating advice he gives!?” Bullshit, a dating coach doesn’t provide you any information that you can’t already find on the internet for free. So you want solid dating advice? Use this site, go out and test it. But I digress..

Is hiring someone to point at women and tell you to approach them worth a $3000 “bootcamp” with a “dating coach?” Your friends can do that crap for you, for free.

But wow, look at all of their testimonials!

The Bootcamp Effect

Ever read or watch something inspirational and feel suddenly feel full of motivation? This is no different.

This is a pattern I see: A guy takes a bootcamp. He is awe-struck from the mere presence of a dating guru… someone who has what he wants, the ability to date hot girls. He is full of momentary inspiration and confidence. He follows his dating coach commands… like a dog… one approach after another… “Go fetch!” He may very well have some short-term success. I may get a kiss, a few numbers here and there, and leave feeling a real sense of accomplishment.

But then, after the bootcamp, the would-be Casanova goes out on the prowl, with no dating coach. He soon finds himself scared shitless. There’s no one to push him anymore, there is no sense of empowerment and inspiration. It’s just him and the cold, indifferent environment. The inspiration and motivation fades, and with it, so does his ability to approach women. He is a dead weight in a lonely ocean with no safety jacket.

You can do it yourself.

There are no shortcuts, you must stop avoiding the hard work ahead. Go out there, practice your readings, take action, do the things you’ve been reading about on this site and others.  You can even comment in regards to your problems and I’ll help.

Most importantly, face your fears. Lake a leap of faith and overcome them. Take risks, throw caution to the win. Life is to short to deprive yourself of the chance of meeting incredible people, women, and experiences. And no one, but YOU can make it happen.

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John Dorworth December 13, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Dating Coach = Scam
Dating Coaching Website = Great

Good story bro.


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