the asian casanova Hey! Its me!

“Who is The Asian Casanova?!”

Howdy. This website is essentially a culmination of most of my experience succeeding, and at times failing, in the dating world.

It also includes my interactions from other *dating coaches* I’ve meet and befriended over time.

My origins

I wasn’t born Mr. Modern Day Casanova.

No, quite the opposite, I sucked with girls.

I was socially awkward, I was really skinny, and let’s really be honest… I was a total dork.

Hard to believe looking back on everything.

I hung out with the right kind of guys that not only were extremely good at “picking up girls” (not just any girls, real hotties), but could really break it down to an art and science.

I gotta tell ya, its pretty amazing that life can change so much…

Read through the content on this website and you will gradually see, behind the scenes, how all this happened and evolved over time.

And if you choose to come down the rabbit hole with me, I will show you how to become the kind of man a girl lusts after.

I will show you how to get the girl you want.

I will give you the power of having options in your life and never having to rely on “getting lucky,” when instead, it will be the girls who will feel lucky to have you.

Your reality will forever be changed.

What we learn here:

  • Communication skills: Reversing years of social retardation
  • Learning to be an alpha male: Dominance, leadership, confidence
  • Understanding women: What turns them on, how they think, how they communicate
  • Understanding your sexuality: Unlocking your repressed sexuality
  • Understanding her sexuality: What gets her wet, what she responds to
  • Smashing and reshaping beliefs: Reprogramming your reality

A little more about me…

Weekends consisted playing a lot of Starcraft and other video games.

Oh man, I had no life.

I was also made fun of for being Asian too. It’s no surprise that I was heavily introverted (which I believe is unnatural for humans). Concepts like “going out,” made no sense to me. Even if I wanted to, I was way too scared of socializing.

I was the type that cringed at the thought of having any sort of attention focused on me.

When I was in school I made sure to take classes that didn’t require any sort of presentations or group work.

I had very few friends, and the few I had were just as dorky as me. And I tell you what, I actually enjoyed this lifestyle for a while. I had a passion for video games, I won’t deny it. But there comes a point in life, as I am sure it has for you, where you realize that there are some huge unfilled holes in your life.

The lack of socialization and especially, a girlfriend, was gnawing a way at me day by day. I was starting to become depressed. I wanted more out of life. Massive change had to occur… and so it did.

The Journey Begins

I realized that where I was in life was a direct culmination of everything I had been doing: Avoiding socializing, avoiding going out, avoiding LIFE.

It was time to stop being the silent student of life and start participating.

At the time, I had no direction. I knew I had to engage people. Yet, I had no idea how to carry a conversation!

So if everything I was doing was getting me what I had, then what I had to do was do the exact OPPOSITE of what I was doing.

Ha, that sounds kind of funny. Let’s rephrase that. I had to do something massively different to get different results.

Simple right?

The principle is correct, but how to execute it was difficult as hell.

I made some good steps though. In college, instead of doing what I did in highschool, I sat in front and participated as much as possible. I made my voice heard at any opportunity I could get. I even had the balls to ask a few girls out on dates (only to get friend zoned later).

I was getting somewhere, but still shooting in the dark.

So something massively had to change. This website is testimate to this, massive change did occur. For 3 years, I went out with friends. I partied, hard. I talk to people, I learned social skills and social dynamics. I made friends with a lot of women and picked their brain. I made friends with guys who were good with women and broke down what they did  right and what they did wrong. I understood women on an intimate level that I would have never thought possible.

It was the most difficult, rewarding, and exciting experiences of my life.

The feeling of empowerment walking down the street, into a bank, a grocery store, a mall, a bar, club, bookstore, and knowing that I have the ability to open up an interaction with a beautiful girl whenever and wherever I wanted is something that is unparalleled. It is something that sounds like fantasy at first glance.

Questions like, “Girls are really like this?” “They actually respond to this?” “You didn’t get slapped?!” I can assure you, that when reality is stranger than fiction, this would be one of those cases.

What’s more, is that it is something that can be learned, even when starting from zero. There is no excuse, this is a possibility for anyone to achieve.

This website is a chance for me to give back to others and give people the opportunity to live a life that’s worth actually living. That is, to live a life that you absolutely want and desire, as opposed to deferring it fantasy land.

In this website, I will reveal everything I learned. I’m blowing my experience open for you all to learn from. The only thing I ask from you, is to absorb this information with an open mind. There will be things that will completely challenge your understanding of how society, women, and humans work.

Time to take the red pill, Neo.

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Nice site!


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