10 Things You Should Know About Women

by The Asian Casanova on February 24, 2012

1. Be a sex machine. Your job is to turn out happy girls. When you meet up with a girl, YOU are not getting laid. SHE’S getting laid…by you. Don’t just masturbate into a vagina. Make it your mission to know about and how to deliver all the various female orgasms. Every girl is wired differently, so learn quickly what each girl fantasizes about and how they like to reach orgasm. And give it to them. On a consistent basis. Become highly competent and they will keep coming back for more.

2. Be present. Live in the now. Don’t dwell on what she said or did. Don’t dream about what might be. Girls live in the moment, as dictated by their emotions. If you put too much stock in the past or future, you will diffuse your focus on the moment. Girls tend to be erratic, inconsistent and illogical. Go with it. Learn to love it.

3. Women are not men with vaginas. Nothing you know about anything will help you understand women. Forget it all and begin the process of truly understanding what makes women tick. Stop resenting women for who they are or how they act. Different sexes, different brains, different behaviors. If you can’t embrace and fall passionately in love with the female polarity, you have work to do as a man.

4. Lead. It is not a girl’s responsibility to take your number; she will rarely call it. It isn’t her job to initiate escalation. It isn’t up to her if a conversation gets boring or the date sucks. This is all YOUR responsibility. YOU. The MAN. Lead, in everything you do. Sure, get her opinion, ask for suggestions. That’s cool and open-minded. But at the end of the day, it is up to you to augment each moment so the final result is satisfying for both parties.

5. She is not property. Slavery was abolished after the civil war. Don’t spy on her. Don’t do drive-bys. Don’t go through her cell phone. Respect her privacy at all times. Make it unmistakably clear to her that you will ALWAYS respect her privacy. Give her room, let her breath, don’t push push push until she can’t stand it anymore. If the girl is unsatisfied with you and cheats, you need to fix things on your end. You must’ve done something wrong somewhere. Maybe it was in choosing a girl who is inclined to manipulate, lie or cheat, but again, that choice rested on your shoulders.

6. Women love to fuck. They just don’t want to fuck chodes. Stop thinking sex is some kind of carrot women dangle in front of you to get you to do something. She may act that way, but the truth is she wants it just as bad or more so than you. Many women are not sexually liberated, or have terrible long-standing issues that plague their drives. And so in those cases you need to decide if putting in the hard work to surmount these barriers will pay off. But understand that sex isn’t something that is bartered, bought or traded, since for sexually liberated girls having sex is win-win.

7. Women love to fuck YOU. After all the gambits, tactics, bootcamps, blah blah blah, the truth is you and you alone can become sex-worthy. Get all that shit out of your head that tells you you aren’t of equal value or are unattractive. Imagine every girl you meet in bed with you, then go about making it happen. They will thank you.

8. Have no expectations. I always used to assume all women wanted monogamous LTRs. They would all want to meet my family. They all wanted kids and marriage. Then I realized there were a lot of girls who DON’T want those things. Even the ones who said they wanted all that were perfectly content going home with a stranger in a bar. Never assume girls want a serious commitment. Never expect your relationship should move in that direction. Take things one day at a time.

9. Celebrate you. Take ownership of your identity, and broadcast it proudly to the world. If there are parts of you that aren’t satisfying, get to work fixing them. But always seek validation, contentment and state from within. Never look to women for these. They don’t want that responsibility. They may turn to you for these, but it is so they can join you in the celebration of you.

10. Women are in abundance. The world is full of beautiful and intelligent women with great personalities. You just need to arm yourself with the confidence and skills to go out and meet them. While it is easy to believe that your ex-girlfriend was your long-lost soul mate, the truth is there probably are many other very similar girls out there waiting for you to seduce them.

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